Monday, February 15, 2010

Rom Hacking Pokemon Leaf Green Mac Os X GBA Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green DS And SP Wireless Compatability?

GBA Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green DS and SP wireless Compatability? - rom hacking pokemon leaf green mac os x

ok here is my question:
I have a gift card for $ 50 on target for my birthday from my aunt and uncle. I want to get Pokemon Leaf Green and Pokemon. I, because my sister and I love games like they can beat.

But it is a problem before spending my money on solving these games.

When you buy fire red and leaf green you get Wi-Fi adapter in the fields. Now I have a Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance SP. As the face of all the DS has built-in wireless, so it is impossible to connect a cable. My question is that if my sister with the wireless adapter included with the game he could play with me. it with an SP, and me with a DS.

I have another question that has a hacked PSP with Pokemon Fire Red ROM, and all have built in wifi PSP if you use my DS and I went to use on my PSP. Is it? Thank you 10 points for the best answer


D-Money said...

pokeon hand if you have red or green on the DS, then U could fire because the union is room Wireless and is the setting for DS or something, because I the same thing yesterday with my pokemon and leaf green

Resolved PS b nice:)

Shoelace Kid said...

For the SP / DS edition, you can not.

PSP and DS for trade, probably not. Are on one side, the game is pirated, and the other two systems completely different and not compatible with each other (which is why you can not trade / SP either DS)

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